• SOUL DEVOURER is a new face in the brutal death metal scene. The band entered "Selani Studio" in April and recorded 20-minute demo entitled "AFTERLIFE" consisting of 5 fast, aggressive and catchy songs. 'Zines, mags, radio stations, labels, distributors, gig organizers, metalheads - get in touch. Because SOUL DEVOURER isn't able to reach all of you, the fastest way to receive "AFTERLIFE" is sending a blank CD-R + 3$ for postage or just well hidden 4$ to: Mateusz "Raven" Putko, Kossaka 20/38, 26-300 Opoczno, Poland, e-mail: souldevourer@poczta.onet.pl.
  • "ALL FOR ONE" - PORTUGUESE BENEFIT SHOW FOR CHUCK SCHULDINER, 19 September - Paradise Garage - Lisbon: SACRED SIN, GROG, CIBORIUM, THRAGEDIUM, PAINSTRUCK plus jam-session of DEATH covers, doors: 20.00, start: 21.00, entrance: 1500, Esc., presale check www.paradisegarage.come, for more information check: www.allforone.sacredsin.org.
  • GURKKHAS WORLD TOUR 2001/2002, September: France (TFU Management) November: Europe (Metalysee), April: All Asia (Orgasmatron Intl), August: Canada-USA-Central America-South America (Black Earth Intl). New album on MORBID REC. on 8.10.2001!
  • "NORTH AMERICAN BLACK METAL INVASION" - December 2001, Belgium and Germany: Godless North (Canada), Krieg (USA), Inquisition (USA), Secrets of the Moon (Ger.), tour dates check here. For all info mail (in Dutch, English or French) - painiac@wol.be.
  • CADAVEROUS CONDITION - "THE LESSER TRAVELLED SEAS" CD with Esoteric Death Metal and Apocalyptic Death Folk, featuring guest appearances by: Matt Howden (Sol Invictus, Sieben), Richard Leviathan (Ostara) and a lyrical collaboration with RN Taylor (Changes), 13 songs including a coverversion of "Heaven Street" by DEATH IN JUNE plus superb cover artwork by Gregor Travers.
    The label will release the debut from the obscure and cryptic band HIDDEN in Winter 2001. While expanding upon ancient Black Metal themes, the band brings the spirit of Black Metal into a new dimension of both ideology and sound. But be warned, HIDDEN is not some silly experimental perversion of Black Metal, but rather it unifies the old cult with its own vision of infinite cold. Out of total disgust for today's "scene", HIDDEN does not want their origin or any personal band information revealed. At RED STREAM's request, they have agreed to answer select interviews to the best of their ability.
  • BETHLEHEM has finished the recordings for their fourth studio album called "SCHATTEN AUS DER ALEXANDER WELT". This is a completely new concept which contains seven brand new BETHLEHEM's tracks and a special S.U.i.Z.i.D. cover version. The music is a combination of all BETHLEHEM styles and known mainstream styles. The American version of the album will contain a second Long Player exclusive to that version. Check out the most weird concept album of all times, which will be out in Fall of 2001 as a double CD!
  • David of FLATULATION announces that in about 2 months two 7" split EP's will be out, one with Atavism & one with Running Guts. Besides, they are preparing material for spring 2002 under Evil Biker Prod.
  • Studio session of APHASIA - the Quebec Black/Death metal band - is confirmed with Jean-Francois Dagenais on September 22, 2001 to October 1st 2001. They added some live pictures on their web site, too.
  • The French gore grind combo SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION is going to be on tour in France during the two last weeks of October this year. They are searching for bands to come with and to follow, but for ALL the dates! If you are interested (only serious bands, please), answer their manager: infupus@aol.com.
  • "MIRTIS REVIEW NEWSLETTER #5" is finally released, get it now!! It's a free publication, distributed worldwide with the amount of 1500 copies. It's printed on one A4 page filled with news and reviews of the underground. This issue contains also a competition - 10 free promo CD's to win from HAMMERHEART RECORDS. Address: Karel De Brabanter, Burgemeester Kintlaan 8, 9473 Welle, BELGIUM, new email: mirtis@softhome.net.
  • DEADSUN REC. (France) and CONQUER REC. (Poland/UK) have signed an alliance. DEADSUN will become the official French base of the Polish/UK label. The two first CD's licensed will be: APRIL ETHEREAL "ADVENT" (Dark Metal) and HELL-BORN "HELLBLAST" (Death/Black Metal).

    OUT NOW: DARK LEGION (PL) "BLOODSHEED" CD - the Ultra Brutal Grinding Death - is finally out, don't miss this assault! Great design made by Deather (Gurkkhas, Darkside...), UMBAKRAIL "IN UNITY PAIENNE" CD - leaded by Saam'ed, this combo deliver us a Cold Black Metal as Cold as Ice, EDICIUS "AEON" CD - French brutal Black Metal revelation, the only band to mix ultra brutal black metal together with grinding parts, a must. Fantastic reviews in major mags. OUT SOON: Horrid (Old School Swedish Death Metal from Italy, recorded at the famous Sunlight Studio) & Edicius digipack.

    CALLENISH CIRCLE Newsletter #3:
    - Latest news is that Painkiller Records from Belgium will reissue our debut-album "Drift of Empathy" (originally on Hammerheart Records and out of pressing since 1996) together with the already longtime sold-out "Lovelorn" demo and one extra bonus-track. All this will be released in a limited digipack version with brand new cover artwork from good-old Kris Verwimp (also responsible for the cover of "Graceful... yet Forbidding") and completely new booklet-design. Besides all recordings will be digitally re-mastered and the CD will have a total playing time of over 76 minutes. So all in all a perfect opportunity to get all previous Callenish Circle material featured on one CD for the price of a regular CD. And of course also for those who haven't got the opportunity to get hold of our previous recordings in an earlier stage. Expect this release out in October/November. For more information, promotion, distribution, wholesales or trades contact Painkiller Records

    - The official European release of our latest album "Graceful... yet Forbidding" on EdgeRunner Records can already be called a big success. The album got marvellous reviews and press-response in the rest of Europe as well. Besides in the meantime the album was licensed on cassette to Psychic Scream Entertainment for South East Asia. Right now we are working on license-deals for North/South America, Russia and Japan and we hope to have the album out there asap. For more information, promotion, distribution, wholesales or trades on the "Graceful... yet Forbidding"- CD contact EdgeRunner Records and/or Psychic Scream Entertainment.

    - Furthermore we are proud to announce that Callenish Circle will be present at the Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Festival on the 14th of October in the 013-club ("The Choice") in Tilburg (Holland). Callenish Circle will exclusively play their classic cover "Pull the Plug" from the legendary "Leprosy"-album. All benefits gained from this festival will be forwarded to Chuck Schuldiner. So all be there and support the godfather of Death Metal once more in his struggle for life! Chuck Schuldiner can be seen as one of main inspirations for Callenish Circle and without people like him Callenish Circle probably wouldn't even exists nowadays so don't let him down!!! The following killer line-up will be present and remember all bands play for free and need your support: God Dethroned - Altar - Goddes of Desire - Occult - Callenish Circle - Severe Torture - Thanatos - Mangled - Shadowbreed - Outburst and Flesh Made Sin.


  • DYING ART OPEN AIR FESTIVAL - 24-26 August 2001 , Ch³apowo, Poland. Main Polish death and black metal hodes: Demise, Devilyn, Domain, Misteria, Witchmaster, Damnation, Trauma, Hate, Yattering. Special guests - KRABATHOR and PANDEMIA from Czech Rep. Besides: Ravendusk, Immemorial, Medebor, Esqarial, Dark Legion, Calvaria, Luna Ad Noctum, Unnamed, Ghost, Non Opus Dei, God In Ruins, Bad Taste, Besatt, Sonheillon, Atropos, Azarath, Grin. info: dyingart@wp.pland dyingart.rockmetal.art.pl
  • "BRUTAL VOMIT 'zine" (www.brutal-vomit.prv.pl) encourages to cooperation. You can count on a review or an intie. Besides, the editor-in-chief has released CD sampler "Poisoned Blood"! e-mail: rodzer1@poczta.onet.pl
  • Also we recommend to you quite good "EMTE 'zine". They've released 3 issues up to this day and they need more foreign bands. earedaw@poczta.onet.pl
  • The only gig on West Pomerania! DEEPRED - Finland, TORSOFUCK - Finland, SHADOWS LAND - Poland, PERVERSE - Poland. 30.08.2001 (Thursday), 19:00 o'clock, DKK "S³owianin", Korzeniowski Street 2, Szczecin, Poland. info: perverse666@poczta.fm
  • Changes in the line-up have caused turning Eileithyias into DISEASED. The band has just finished working on new stuff "ALTERNATIVE EMOTIONS" (Hertz Studio, e.g. Trauma, Parricide, Hell-Born's last releases). It contains 5 tunes of technical thrash/death. www: diseased.rockmetal.art.pl, e-mail: diseased@interia.pl
  • New promo of STROMMOUSSHELD - "MY MICROCOSMOS" - is ready. For more details go here: www.strommoussheld.prv.pl or write to: maels@poczta.onet.pl
    - We have a new record due to be released! It's gonna be a mini-CD entitled "PERSONAL DEMON" and will contain 3 bran new songs and two bonus tracks. This will be released on our own label called Azariash Records (www.azariash.com), most likely at the beginning of Sepember this year. Everyone interested in this record (Metal fans, record labels - write for wholesale prices!, magazines, radio shows, promoters...) can reach us at: info@azariash.com
    - Our website (www.pandemia-deathmetal.com) has gone through a massive update! From now on you can download a free MP3 sample of the new material, check out our brand new Flash intro, vote in the poll and as usual check out the up--to-date concert dates (never know we might be coming over your area right now) and more
    - We keep on composing new tunes, which are scheduled to be released on Lost Disciple Records at the end of this year, more info to come.
  • Ted from HEAVY-METALINKS.COM, a new website for all the heavy-metal links over the world, announces that now you can visit more than 540 official band homepages, take a look at the fanpages, webrings, webzines, hear some radios… If you've got some links to add, don't hesitate to send them.


  • René from DEMENTOR (Slovakian Brutal Death Metal) announces that completely new design of official DEMENTOR web site is working since July 8th 2001. The address has changed as well. Now it will be easier to get to "A Higher Form Of Blasphemy". Just write this address to your internet explorer (or click the link right now): www.dementor.sk. Check out new pictures in the gallery! Answer a question and win one of 3 MC "The Art Of Blasphemy" including 2 special bonus taken from their MC'94 "The Church Dies"! Sign your name to "Mailing List" to receive DEMENTOR news regularly.
  • INFERNAL WAVES is looking for Metal bands - ALL styles of Metal are welcome... So, if you are playing in a band and are seeking a devoted structure for releasing a CD album, a tape or a vinyl, here they are. Still a radio they remain for Your promotion and exposure. This label is trading tapes and CD's, too. Interviews (if you are in a band or if you have something to say) can be published in their numerous newsletter (both in French & English). Contact address: Infernal Waves Prod., c/o COLLETTI Jean-Charles, 44, rue de la Belle Meuniere, 26000 Valence, FRANCE, infernal.waves@wanadoo.fr
  • "BRUTALFEAST VOL.1": DEFLORACE (brutal death grind - CZECH), SANATORIUM (brutal death - SLOVAKIA), GROSSMEMBER (grind core - Warsaw), PATALOGICUM (brutal death grind - Cracow), GHOST (death metal - Gdansk), DISLOYAL (death - Ketrzyn), DARK LEGION (brutal death - Gdansk), FERMENTING INNARD (brutal death grind - Gdansk), T.H.C. (brutal death - Gdansk) + surprise, September 21st, Gdansk (Danzig), POLAND, info: +48 58 5563770 or grinder11@wp.pl
  • Ferdi from "Alternative magazine/distribution" (Turkey) spoke with the members of ''WINTERGARDEN WEBMAGAZINE'' (www.wintergarden.8k.com) and they told him that they just had a web address to get some promo stuff! Please, be careful with those assholes! They've never opened their web site!
  • French deathcore band STRANGULATION is searching for a lot of gigs for September/October 2001. Contact them if you are interested: undergroundunity@hotmail.com. By the way, their album will be out on THUNDERING RECORDS in 01/2002.
  • Polish concert agency "Minta" has confirmed the final makeup for "METALFEST 2001". On the 1st of August in "Eskulap" club (Poznan) there will play: ANIMA DAMNATA, AD PATRES, HORRORSCOPE, SACRIVERSUM, SCEPTIC, BEHEMOTH and the English gods - NAPALM DEATH! Start: 18:00, end: 23:30.

    The agency also invite all of you for another gig, this time in Warsaw (12.09.2001, 17:30, club "Park"): Vader, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, Kataklysm, Catastrophic (ex-Obituary) and Aborted! As for tickets and info, contact them directly: agencja@minta.info.poznan.pl.

  • Slovakian hyperblasting brutal death metal band NOMENMORTIS has recorded its 2nd CD in May 2001. The new material is entitled "MISANTHRONE" and is supposed to be released as a mini CD with total playing time 33:10 min. There are 7 new tracks (2 instrumental ones), 2 re-recorded songs from the 1st album "How I Learn To Bleed... For The Things I Wish To Forget" (8/2000, still available on Japanese Jackhammer Music, Jhm174@aol.com) and one cover version. The material is very extreme, straightforward brutal, fast and dark. Right now (7/2001) the band is focused on searching for the best possible label to release "MISANTHRONE", but there are also some promo MC's (for magazines, compilations) and CD's (for radios, compilations), containing 4 tracks from the new MCD, available upon request. Only serious interest (proof of existence - the actual issue, play list or link to your website) is welcomed.
    Speaking of the other band's news, there are some line-up changes (bass, guitar) planned. Any other infos on the following address: NOMENMORTIS, Martin Lukac, Lomonosovova 2, 040 01 Kosice, SLOVAKIA, nomenmortis@post.sk


  • BATALION D'AMOUR - the premiere Polish gothic band - is working on the new material to be recorded this summer in Bielsko-Biala (probably some vocal parts will be recorded at British FlowerMountain). The album will be out in September on Metal Mind Productions. A few trax you can hear on upcoming "Castle Party" (Bolkow), on the 27th of July. AnyaZachar@aol.com
  • At last DEATHVOMIT RECORDS has its own website! Log on to: www.deathvomit.com for all the latest news! The label also announces their newest signings at the site, so check out what you can expect to be destroying your hearing with in the near future - VULGAR PIGEONS, ENGORGED, LAUGHING DOG and MURDER CORPORATION!
  • Brutal death metal DEVILYN has signed very good 3-record deal with English BLACKEND/PLASTIC HEAD REC, known especially from its blackish releases. In July the band finished recording process of 3rd in their career album entitled "ARTEFACT" (Hendrix Studio, e.g. BEHEMOTH's last CD). Track list: "Fire - Step Follow Me", "Soul Snatcher", "Expression of Horror", "Contempt", "Deceived Conscience", "Kingdom Of The Blind", "Psalm", "Aryman's Grace", "Prophet's Crux", "Senses Scarity" and "Hatchet Out Of...". Album should be out on 01-10-2001. The present line-up is as follows: Marcin "Novy" Nowak - voc., bass, Lukasz "Bony" Lubon - guitar, Krystian "Dino" Wojdas - guitars and Sebastian "Basti" Luszczek - drums. devilyn13@poczta.onet.pl
  • A few news from FORENSICK MUSIC ( belobrad@za.netax.sk):
    BRODEQUIN (USA, Ablated Records artist) and SANATORIUM (SK, Forensick Music) will tour together in October 2001 in Europe. Tour schedule is not prepared yet! Interested agencies, clubs, bands, promoters etc. GET IN TOUCH! Be prepared for killer brutal death metal bands.
    Soon out on FORENSICK MUSIC - DEEPRED "Prophetic Luster" CD (fm 002) (not available for North America) - brutal death metal from Finland, one of the most promising bands cumming from Europe. The label compares this band to mighty Suffocation! DeepRed was going to record the split 7" with Dying Fetus (out soon on Relapse) by the end of June and will be also participating on the Suffocation tribute on Repulsive Echo, doing "Pierced from Within". DeepRed tour in September 2001:
    31.8. Mucheln, GER
    01.9. Dresden, GER
    02.9. tba, GER
    03.9. Zittau, GER
    04.9. tba, POL
    05.9. Bratislava, SK - Hellraiser (organised by Forensick)
    06.9. Vienna, AUST
    07.9. Praha, CZE
    8.9. Ludwigshafen Deathfest, GER
    10.-11. most likely somewhere in France
    14.-15. tba, HOL Everybody who can help with free days, contact: deepred@iobox.fi Labels, distros: pre-order your copies of DEEPRED, send your latest tradelists. Don't forget that also SANATORIUM "Internal Womb Cannibalism" CD (brutal death metal) is still available.


    Darkest Greetings! Summer has finally arrived and with it comes concerts, festivals, parties and vacation! Did someone say vacation? Not here, at Dark Symphonies. While you're enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer, we'll be busy working that much harder to bring you all the finest musical releases this side of the summer solstice. Read on and see for yourself...
  • The Dark Symphonies webstore continues to provide our customers with the finest selection of extreme music titles from around the globe at the best prices. The new AUTUMN TEARS Act 2 digipaks and shirts (long and short sleeve) are now available along with the new BRAVE EP and short sleeve shirts. You'll always find the latest releases from Napalm America, Hammerheart and Displeased Records as well as the hard-to-find cult releases from Greece's own Unisound Records at DS. Plus, we have Milwaukee Metalfest tickets available for sale as well. Get them before they're gone!
  • Dark Symphonies is extremely excited to announce that the official release date for the brand new MAUDLIN OF THE WELL CDs, "Bath" and "Leaving Your Body Map" will be on August 10, 2001 just in time for the Milwaukee Metalfest. Now go visit www.maudlinofthewell.com for some special MP3 samples to wet your appetite until next month. PREPARE!
  • Dark Symphonies has finally re-mastered and re-released AUTUMN TEARS "Love Poems for Dying Children... Act 2: The Garden of Crystalline Dreams" in a lush digipak with new artwork and layout plus a special bonus track. Long out-of print, this re-release of Act 2 is a perfect blend of dark, romantic poetry and rich, neoclassical soundscapes painted with ethereal, heavenly voices. Epic soundscapes entwine with tragic enchantment and vile aggression to spawn a conceptual tale continuing the saga of the Dark Goddess Autumn. This symphony shall be presented in ten movements.
  • Dark Symphonies is proud to announce the official re-release date of NOVEMBERS DOOM crushing debut CD "Amid its Hallow Mirth" will be July 23, 2001. This special re-release includes new artwork and layout by Novembers Doom's own front man, Paul Kuhr. It will also feature two bonus tracks, "Nothing Earthly Save the Thrill" and "Seasons of Frost".
  • BRAVE have announced a new band member! Lief Ellis has joined the band full time providing additional guitars and keyboards! Some of you may recognize his name - Lief played bass guitar on the original recordings of "Remember the Stars" and "To Dance By Moonlight" from the debut 1997 Arise From Thorns album. For the past several years, Lief has been successfully working on his degree in Music Composition and will be graduating this fall. We are very excited about having him join BRAVE. Look for biographical information on Lief to be posted on the BRAVE web site very soon! This summer BRAVE will also be performing live at the following venues:
    Friday, July 20, 2001 at Connections (see below) Saturday, July 21, 2001 Planet 57, BRAVE, Event and SPOCK's BEARD at Jaxx in Springfield, VA, www.jaxxroxx.com
  • For all our European friends and summer travellers here's one for you: on the 5th of August (Metal Hammer Main Stage), WITHOUT FACE will perform at the Pepsi Island 2001 in Budapest, Hungary (Aug.1-7). The Pepsi Island Festival is one of the biggest summer festivals in Europe. For more info go to: www.sziget.hu
  • On Friday July 20, 2001, Dark Symphonies' artists: BRAVE, RAIN FELL WITHIN & MAUDLIN OF THE WELL will be performing at: Connections 503 Van Houten AveClifton, NJ, all club at (973)-473-3127 for info and directions. Doors open at 8 pm with BRAVE playing first! This show is also going to be a perfect opportunity for fans to hear Rain Fell Within and Maudlin of the Well perform new material. BE THERE!
  • If you didn't already know by now, the entire Dark Symphonies crew will be in attendance at the 15th annual "Milwaukee Metalfest" on Friday and Saturday, August 10 & 11. Dark Symphonies' recording artists Maudlin of the Well, Novembers Doom and Rain Fell Within will be performing! Our own Erika from Autumn Tears will once again be singing backup for Novembers Doom! We're psyched, so you should be, too. We extend our darkest invitation to all our customers, friends, and visitors to stop by our table. See you there!
  • Dark Symphonies is proud to announce that the long out of print, cult debut masterpiece from KRIEG "Rise of the Imperial Hordes" is being re-released by Krieg's own label "BLOOD, FIRE, DEATH" with a classic CULT cover of the legendary Profanatica's "Enlightened Ones." Best described as apocalyptic, hate filled war metal, with some of the grimmest and most chaotic vocals yet to be heard. This album is dedicated to the fall of man and the rise of the Imperial Hordes. This sickest U.S. Cult shall marks the arising of the true underground spirit lost within the confusion of the media and rising popularity of black metal. If you are looking for melodic, symphonic European black metal, then look elsewhere! Krieg is raw, chaotic BLACK and blasphemous apocalypse metal, drawing influences from the mighty Darkthrone, Demoncy and the blasphemous Profanatica. KRIEG's "Rise of the Imperial Hordes" will be distributed exclusively by Dark Symphonies with the release date set for 7/23/01! SOME MUSIC WAS MEANT TO STAY UNDERGROUND! www.darksymphonies.com


  • After the split-up of Polish Metal Legend KAT, some of the band members have founded a new super-group ALKATRAZ. Their first album is entitled "ERROR" and contains excellent produced and executed modern metal for fans both of DREAM THEATER and KORN. Details:www.alkatraz.com.pl
  • CONQUER RECORDS has signed a deal with HELL-BORN to release their new album ''HELLBLAST''. The album will be available on CD from next week and vinyl special limited edition in autumn. HELL-BORN are ex-members from BEHEMOTH and members from DAMNATION. Order your copies now! The label is also working on European Tour for APRIL ETHEREAL & HELL-BORN in the middle of October. The tour will be including most of the European countries like: Great Britain, Ireland, N. Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Germany (with Damnation), Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland and probably Russia. All questions please e-mail to: t666podol@cwcom.net
  • The Russian Black Metal band ROSSOMAHAAR had signed with LAST EPISODE for three albums. Their debut was now published in Germany and got really good critics. The quartet round singer, guitarist and keyboard-player Lazar will record their second album, which will be published this year through Last Episode, in August. Prospective album title: "Quarite Lux In Tenebris" (Exploring The External Worlds)
  • In order to know everything about upcoming, killing NUCLEAR STORM OPEN AIR FEST go to:http://nuclear.dynamix.cz if you are interested in OPEN HELL FESTIVAL too, go here: www.openhellfest.cjb.net
  • Polish metalheads from HATE (www.hatesatanic.org) are attacking! "CAIN'S WAY" album is out - in Poland thanx to APOCALYPSE PROD., in the world - American WW III. We haven't heard it yet, but expect perfectly executed death metal in the vein of DEICIDE.
  • IMPALED "Choice Cuts" US Tour as a part of the "Summertime Slaughter" Tour with VADER, SKINLESS, ORIGIN, IMPALED, WITHERED EARTH, ENTER SELF.
    28-Jun-Okalhoma City, OK-Diamond Ballroom
    29-Jun-Fayetteville, AK-Clunk Music Hall
    30-Jun-St. Louis, MO-Creepy Crawl
    1-Jul-Aurora, IL-Riley's
    3-Jul-Bowling Green, OH-Howard's Club H
    4-Jul-Columbus, OH-Whiskey's Pete's
    5-Jul-Detroit, MI-The Shelter
    6-Jul-Cleveland, OH-Agora Ballroom
    10-Jul-Rochester, NY-Water Street Music Hall
    11-Jul-Albany, NY-Valentines
    12-Jul-Randolf, NJ-Obsessions
    13-Jul-Worcester, MA-Palladium
    14-Jul-Brooklyn, NY-Lamour
    15-Jul-Springfield, VA-Jaxx
    17-Jul-Richmond, VA-Twisters
    18-Jul-Winston-Salem, NC-Ziggy's
    19-Jul-Birminham, AL-Boiler Room
    20-Jul-Tallahassee, FL-Cow Haus
    21-Jul-Tampa, FL-The Brass Mug
    22-Jul-Ft. Lauderdale, FL-Culture Room
    24-Jul-Houston, TX-Engine Room
    25-Jul-Arlington, TX-Dreamworld
    28-Jul-Anaheim, CA-Chain Reaction
    29-Jul-San Francisco, CA-The Pound
    30-Jul-We're home, Fuck Off!! Info: Melanie, tel: 510 623 0922 x212, fax: 510 623 0927, e-mail: melanie@necropolisrec.com
    On tour this summer also: IMPALED, PHOBIA, CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN!
    Coming soon on this label:
    VULGAR PIGEONS - "Summary Execution"
    ENGORGED - "S/T"
    PHOBIA - "Serenity Through Pain"
    MENTAL HORROR - "Proclaiming Vengeance"


  • MOON SOON Rec. presents comp. tape "THE BELLS OF THE MYSTICAL EMPIRE". 60 minutes, 14 tracks, 11 bands (e.g. INSANITY OF SLAUGHTER, GORGON, DREADLINE, TORTURE SQUAD, THE END, IMMORTAL RITES, EXKREMENT, MORGUE...). Info: moon.soon.records@libertysurf.fr
  • SATHANAS are releasing their new crushing CD entitled "THY DARK HEAVENS" for BLACKMETAL.COM. RECORDS. Get your copies at: mailorder@blackmetal.com.
  • DISSENTER is working on the follower of well acclaimed "Bloodlust & Blasphemy". Working title of the new album is "DEADAUTHOR" and it will contain 10 blasphemous songs, more brutal and fast as these from their full-length debut. The band is going to enter the recording studio this summer. dissenter7@poczta.onet.pl, www.dissenter.com.pl.
  • CRIPPLE BASTARDS' "MISANTROPO A SENSO UNICO" full-length CD is out. 16 pages of lyrics and comment, 16 new songs, 33 minutes of total grind tornado… This is an important CD from a band with intelligent things to say and a global cult following! Filthy raw punk, total noise core nihilism, Italian style '80s hardcore, brutal misanthropic grindcore... $10 - USA, $12 - world. Deaf American Recordings, c/o R. Hoak, #3 Bethel Church Road, Dillsburg, PA 17019, USA, rich666@voicenet.com.
  • DEADSUN RECORDS presents the new signature: EDICIUS. This brutal grinding black horde will surprise the worldwide scene with its furious first MCD "AEON" for the French label. They got 5/6 in the famous "Hard Rock mag" and 4/5 in "Transit magazine"... MCD will be on sale since 29th of June. No trades possible. Ask for wholesales prices. http://deadsun.multimania.com
  • After 6 years of good and faithful service, French DREADLINE ceased to exist. The members of the band unanimously decided to stop their collaboration. The reasons for this separation are loss of motivation and strong disagreements about the objectives of the group. The band thank all the people who believed in them, helped them and supported them during all these years.
    Two years ago this month, on his 31st birthday, Chuck Schuldiner, founder of Death & Control Denied and forefather to an entire movement in Heavy Metal, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. For the past two years, Chuck has fought for his life, family and passion for music. Fans worldwide voiced their concern and support and when possible tried to send donations to the Schuldiner's medical fund to assist in the payment of Chuck's care. Hammerheart and the entire Schuldiner family are greatly appreciative for the continued generosity and enthusiasm, however at this time have additional news to share with the musical community.
    At this very moment it is necessary for Chuck to have a very specific and immediate surgical treatment which is being denied to him based on a lack of funds. Chuck needs immediate surgery; in fact he is at home in Florida awaiting the opportunity for a very delicate operation that his doctors adamantly insist is crucial for his recovery. After having exhausted every possible avenue, Chuck's family and friends are reaching out to ask for your assistance.
    Did you know that unless you already have one foot inside death's door that many US government assistance programs are not available to you? Did you know that in certain states a pre-existing medical condition can keep you from obtaining any medical insurance whatsoever, leaving all medical expenses in the lap of the sick and their families? Do you know how many people die of cancer every year because there is not enough help or awareness provided to them?
    Chuck Schuldiner is no faceless stranger to any us. He has inspired more bands than anyone could ever count. He has afforded a lot of us with the opportunity to do what we love for a living. He has changed the face of metal and effected so many lives forever... Chuck Schuldiner is one of our own and we need to help him now, more than ever.
    In order to make this treatment possible, Hammerheart America, in conjunction with labels, magazines, radio stations and bands worldwide, is organizing an online auction of rare collectibles, autographed musical keepsakes and custom-made instruments, straight out of the artist's hands, amongst them one of Chuck's very own guitars and a Steve DiGiorgio custom bass. Every penny raised goes into the medical fund set up by Chuck's family. In addition, anything donated as a gift to this fund is tax deductible. Anyone able to spare even a few dollars would be helping us conquer a very serious obstacle. Artists willing to donate something to this auction can email: auction@hammerheartamerica.com or call the office directly at 001 (412) 390-4088. Information on the auction can be found on the Hammerheart America webpage at www.hammerheartamerica.com/makeadifference.html.
    Anyone wishing to verify any information herein or obtain additional information may contact Hammerheart America directly. If we all pull together we CAN make a difference for not just one life but for millions…
    Information on the "Charles Schuldiner Medical Fund" is as follows:
    Washington Mutual Bank, 500 East Alta Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, Bank routing number: 321180748, Account number: 3513564696
    Hammerheart America, PO Box 42323, Pittsburgh PA 15203, 001 (412) 390-4088, info@hammerheartamerica.com.
  • DEVIL´S ARTS PRODUCTIONS & DISTRIBUTION presents LEVIFER's "TRIBUTE TO THE SUPREME BEAST" (demo-cassette XXIII A.S.) with Bestial and Morbid Black Death Metal. This fucking demo release is recorded on C-60 tape (same program on both sides), it has been released professionally with good quality sound and design. Price: US$6 (P&P included), special price for 'zines and distros is US$5. Devilsartsprodistro@yahoo.com. Also enter to Levifer´s Official Hellsite at: http://www.geocities.com/levifer9
  • Visit www.planet-loud.comfor all your heavy music info.
  • The new issue of MUSIC EXTREME (www.musicextreme.com) - the virtual magazine of extreme music is online now. Written in both English and Spanish. Postal address (promos and demos):
    Federico Marongiu/Music Extreme,
    Billinghurst 2380 2-A, (1425)
    Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  • DARKSIDE (Austria) spent several days in the Exponent Studio in Slovakia (February/March) to record the latest work "COGNITIVE DISSONANCE". The sound of the band has changed to an even more aggressive style mix of death and thrash metal combined with keyboards. The great news is signing of DARKSIDE by the famous French label SEASON OF MIST! So their fourth album is to be released in Autumn 2001. Info: http://sh55k01.jvb.tudelft.nl/darkside/index.htm (the official DARKSIDE homepage) and http://www.season-of-mist.com
  • DESCRATED DREAMS' debut album "FEELINGS OF GUILT" will be released on spring 2001 through METAL AGE. http://www.geocities.com/desecrateddreams, e-mail:jozzo@pobox.sk
  • ANTARES has got a new vocalist. Expect more aggressive music. Besides, the bands is still looking for a second guitarist. http://antares.rockmetal.art.pl, e-mail: antares@skrzynka.pl
  • If you are into Black Metal go to TROMSNAR's official website: WWW.TROMSNAR.PRV.PL There you can find: bio, lyrics, photos, poetry, mp3, reviews etc. On 8th of April the band entered some studio to record "PROMO 2001". All interested write to: tromsnar@interia.pl


  • A real shock attacked us after receiving of message talking about LYKATHEA AFLAME and their genuine CD "ELVENEFRIS" had been nominated for Grammy Award of Czech republic (hard and heavy section) for year 2000!!! Another great new is that LYKATHEA AFLAME will represent us at excellent FUCK THE COMMERCE festival!!!
  • CRIPPLE BASTARDS and their sick stuff "ALMOST HUMAN" turned to bestseller of OBSCENE productions' history very quickly. Of course these Italian terrorist you should see at FUCK THE COMMERCE festival.
  • Next OBSCENE's CD!!! INGROWING and their massive attack "SUICIDE BINARY REFLECTIONS" is released just now! 100% effectivity of grind core bulldozer!!!
  • ISACAARUM definitely finished new CD "CUNT HACKERS" recording. There's no way to describe somehow else - it is really unique stuff bringing you sickly perverted tracks and extremely aggressive XXX-panzer grind. Wait for this opus on Friday 13.04.2001!!!
  • May 2001 will catch FLESHLESS members recording completely new stuff for CZECH ASSAULT Compilation, prepared by American giant RELAPSE records!!! New material is absolute death/grind assassination!!! Brand new CD will be recorded in September 2001!!!
  • OBSCENE EXTREME 2001, Date: 06.-07.07.2001, Place: TRUTNOV - festival area Na Bojisti - Czech Republic, Bands: EXHUMED (USA), ENTRAILS MASSACRE (Germany), OBSCENITY (Germany), DESECRATION (Uk), IRRITATE (Finland), YATTERING (Poland), MINDFLAIR (Germany), !T.O.O.H.! (Czech), MALEDICTIVE PIGS (Germany), FLESHLESS (Czech), ANASARCA (Germany), INGROWING (Czech), ISACAARUM (Czech), LYKATHEA AFLAME (Czech), GROINCHURN (South Africa), CRIPPLE BASTARDS (Italy), NATRON (Italy), INHUME (Holland), PURGATORY (Germany), MANGLED (Holland), SANITY'S DAWN (Germany), CEREBRAL TURBULENCY (Czech), DYSMORFIC (Italy), SANATORIUM (Slovakia), GOREOPSY (Slovakia), EMBOLISM (Slovakia), DAMNABLE (Poland), DRILLER KILLER (Sweden), VIU DRAKH (Germany), LESNÍ PLESNIVEC (Czech), UTOPIE (Germany), IMPERIAL FOETICIDE (Czech), BEHEADED (Malta), DISASTROUS MURMUR (Austria), ABORTION (Slovakia), BIZARRE EMBALMING (Czech), AHUMADO GRANUJO (Czech), DOBYTEÍ MOR (Czech), HUMAN ERROR (Hungary) and next will follow soon... 50 extreme bands in 2 insane days!!! Free CD with every ticket!!! Special show, free camp, intro show on 05.07., big metal-core market, vegan/vegetarian food etc.!!!
    OBSCENE Productions, P.O.Box 28,
    533 41 LAZNE BOHDANEC,
    CZECH Republic
    e-mail:curby@obscene.cz, http://www.obscene.cz

  • PESSIMIST has just returned from Omega Studios where they recorded a 1-song promo "SUMMONED TO SUFFER" to be featured on upcoming sampler CD for SOD Magazine! This is above all the most extreme music that PESSIMIST has ever recorded, and they'll have LIMITED QUANTITIES available on cassette and CDR so get in touch if you're interested! Or pick up a copy of SOD #17! The band will travel to FL in June/July to record the next full-length, newly-titled "Slaughtering the Faithful". Fans can expect this CD to be their heaviest and most intense material to date, and highlights the talents of new members yet retains the Evil and technical "Pessimist sound" -- while taking it to the next level in terms of speed and total brutality! "SLAUGHTERING THE FAITHFUL" is due out on LOST DISCIPLE RECORDS fall 2001.
    PESSIMIST, c/o Kell, 6670 Washington Blvd. Elkridge, MD 21075 USA,
    ICQ# 20294588, http://www.pessimist.com
  • Do you need help to produce your adverts, flyers, CD booklets, vinyls, magazines, catalogues? Don't look further. Just write for a general price list for some works. Ask for special works!!! ANCIENT CEREMONIES, Nuno Santos, Apartado 60334; 2701-904 Amadora; Portugal, fax: +351 21 4951204, http://www.ancientceremonies.cjb.net


  • AD INFERNA is a new signing on LAST EPISODE. The French band is into symphonic Black Metal and will be recording their debut album in the Excess Studios (Sinister a.o.) in the Netherlands. The first part of the trilogy will be called "BLIND DEPTHS OF THE MUSE".
  • THE DREAMSIDE's wave gothic metal finds its uniqueness in the enchanting voice of Italian-Dutch singer Kemi Vita. So far, the band has released the two albums "Pale Blue Lights" (1995) and "Apaika" (1997) as well as the MCD "Nuda Veritas" (1996) through Nuclear Blast. In the meantime the band has won with Roman Schoensee an estimable musician and songwriter. The former base player of Pyogenesis has been around with his own project THE BLOODLINE as well as a songwriter for Silke Bischoff. "MIRROR MOON" is the title of THE DREAMSIDE's new album. The concept of the music is very catchy, the songs are a mixture between dynamic gothic metal and shallow electronic dark wave. The album will be released 21st May 2001, Theatre of Tragedy fans will have their day! THE DREAMSIDE will be at the Wave Gothic festival in summer!
  • MEPHISTOPHELES will be in the Soundloge Studio in Oldenburg, Germany (Obscenity and others) starting 30th of March in order to record their third album called "MODERN INSTINCT'S PURITY". The band has already a ready concept of 7 songs consisting of typical MEPHISTOFELES sound but also a few new aspects. The basic trend of the music has been established darker in order to create a sinister and more aggressive atmosphere. Besides building on their black metal roots they have also helped themselves with death metal influences without neglecting their roots. The songs are still between 6 and 8 minutes long, a fact that gives time for epic and raw moments and choral music. The new singer Eike C. Kröger joined the band right after the album "Songs of the Desolate Ones" had been released and from then on leaded the band on all live gigs (for example the Wave Gothic festival). Here's an idea of a few song titles: "Killing Conscious", "(Galaxia) An Empire Beneath The Sun", "First Death Introdus", "Bastard Blood's Prosperity", "My Enemy Divine", "Conquer Self", "Destruction", "Solarian".
  • Austrian symphonic black metal band AMORTIS will also be in the studio starting May in order to record the predecessor of the great album "Summoned By Astral Fires". They plan on recording between six and eight songs with the usual length far beyond six minutes. A few song titles will probably be "The Human Puzzle", "Messiah", "19th Century Love Poetry" and "The Obscure Dance Of Distress". The new material contains more technical riffs, death metal and industrial elements, has a good portion of aggressiveness and is supposed to be more compatible for live gigs. Last but not least the style of "Summoned By Astral Fires" will be improved and transmitted. Release date of the album approximately September 2001.
  • SACRIVERSUM have already released two outstanding gothic metal long-players with the debut album "SOTERIA" and last year's album "BECKETTIA". Now they are planning on re-releasing their convincing 8 track demo "The Shadow Of The Golden Fire" from 1994. The material has been completely re-mastered and the re-release will also contain 4 songs of the very first "Dreams of Destiny" tapes. SACRIVERSUM then was more into melodic death metal even though their predilection for gothic metal can already be discovered.
  • GARDENS OF GEHENNA so to say officially opened their own "Anthrazit-studio" with the pre-production of their new album. Mastermind Bruno Kramm from "Das Ich" will complete the material then in the "Danse Macabre" studio in summer. The new album "THE MECHANISM MASOCHISM" will consequently pursue the musical roots of the latest album "Dead Body Music": a metallic sound goes hand in hand with electronic coldness.
  • The "riders of the apocalypse", briefly AEBA, will start working on a new album called "REBELLION-EDENS ASCHE" in March. The new material has become faster without neglecting the dark and melodic side of AEBA. The album will have a playing time of over an hour. Here are a few songs titles: "Sacred Angel Demon", "Flammenherz", "Rebellion - Des Zornes Banner", "Spiritual Evolution", "Dominion of Terror". Release date of the third album of the black metallians from Kiel/Germany is 18th of June 2001.
  • For everyone outside of Germany who has received the QUA VADIS album "Day Into Night", can get in contact with us for interviews. We cooperate with the German Hypnotic office for this release.
  • Once again Last Episode presents the SUMMER BREEZE open air festival, which takes part from the 23.-25. of August 2001 in Abtsgmuend (which is in the south of Germany, close to Aalen, 80 km from Stuttgart). To see which acts will take part - look at the home-page: www.summer-breeze.de for updates:

    Coming soon:
    Dunkelgrafen - Triumph des Fleisches (17.04.01)
    Sceptic - Pathetic Being (02.05.01)
    The Dreamside - Mirror Moon (21.05.01)
    Sacriversum - The Shadow Of The Golden Fire (21.05.01)
    Funebris - The Triumph Of The Everlasting Fire (18.06.01)
    Aeba - Rebellion - Edens Asche (18.06.01)
    Zorn - Schwarz Metall (16.07.01)
    Eisregen - Farbenfinsternis (13.08.01)

    Bucher Weg 12, D-73529 Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
    Markus Wosgien (Promotion),e-mail: markus@last-episode.de
    Thomas Wahl (wholesale, trades & mailorder catalogue), e-mail:tom@last-episode.de
  • For latest news from MAQUIAVEL MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT LDA visit: www.maquiavelmusic.com Besides MALEVOLENCE and LUX OCCULTA, a third band DEVILEECH joined the label.
  • RAZORBACK REC. is looking to do trades for any cool grindcore/death metal CD's. Anybody interested please e-mail, thanks! Contact:
    E-mail: wnocera@aol.com, WWW: www.razorbackrecords.com
  • SOILS OF FATE's debut CD "SANDSTORM" is finally out on RETRIBUTE REC. If you're a fan of ultra guttural sickness and bands like Cryptopsy, Internal Bleeding, Dying Fetus and Vomit Remnants then you need this CD!! $12 (cash only!) to: RETRIBUTE RECORDS, P.O. Box 76, New Ferry, Ch63 0qt, England, UK, e-mail:retribute@aol.com
  • "THE BRAZILIAN ASSAULT" is the second part from RELAPSE's "Global Assault Series", including four violent acts: ABHORRENCE, MENTAL HORROR, OPHIOLATRY and NEPHASTH...
  • IMMORTAL SOULS PRODUCTIONS will release TYPHOID's new MCD "DEOZYRIBONUCLEIC ACCIDENT" soon. The disc features three new songs and covers of AUTOPSY and DYING FETUS...
  • We are honoured and ready to announce that REPULSIVE ECHO has scheduled for late 2001 the release of a tribute CD to the gods of Brutal Death Metal - SUFFOCATION. Bands appearing are:
    1.PROPHECY (Usa) - "Catatonia"
    2.DEVOURMENT (Usa) - "Liege Of Inveracity"
    3.ROTTING (Canada) - "Infecting The Crypts"
    4.MISCREATION (Australia) - "Breeding The Spawn"
    5.INVERACITY (Greece) - "Human Waste"
    6.DISAVOWED (Holland) - "Funeral Inception"
    7.HARMONY DIES (Germany) - "Synthetically Revived"
    8.SEVERED SAVIOR (Usa) - "Thrones of Blood"
    9.SOILS OF FATE (Sweden) - "Devoid of Truth"
    10.INTERNAL SUFFERING (Colombia) - "Despise the Sun"
    11.VILE (Usa) - soon a track will be announced
    12.VOMIT REMNANTS (Japan) - soon a track will be announced

    THE SIGN OF THE HAMMER - The official newsletter of HAMMERHEART RECORDS (March/April 2001)

  • AETERNUS is currently mixing their new album "ASCENTION OF TERROR" in Grieghallen with their producer Pytten. As the song "Burning the Shroud" proves we can only await another masterpiece of this unique band. Dark Metal will rise!
  • ALAS (with Erik Rutan of Morbid Angel & Hate Eternal on guitars!) has finished all the pieces for their debut-album "ABSOLUTE PURITY VOL. I". The last remaining part will be the cover-artwork that needs to be 200% fitting, since this album is about to set new standards in the fields of Metal with female vocals.
  • ANCIENT RITES has finished their new album "DIM CARCOSA" and we feel this will be their break-through, such a massive album filled with "hit" songs. The ultimate combination of Black, Death and Heavy Metal with unbelievable keyboard-orchestration!!!
  • CRUACHAN has surprised us a lot, because their album is co-produced by Shane MacGowan (of The Pogues). The single "Ride-on" even features Shane on a few vocal lines!!! The full album "FOLK-LORE" can be expected in August with a big progress in music and sound.
  • DIABOLIC has their second attack of blasphemous US-Death Metal called "SUBTERRAINEAL MAGNITUDE" ready for attack. Fans of high quality Tampa Death Metal will not be disappointed!!! Other bands watch out, Diabolic will claim the throne!!!
  • DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER are struck by bad luck, guitarist Eumel was struck by an injury on his hand (similar to Demonaz of Immortal). Don't worry, during the summer they will bring "madness" to all of you again!
  • DISMEMBER are part of our label now as well and seem to hit the studio in summer-time!
  • EXMORTEM served us with an advance-copy of their album "BERZERKER LEGIONS" and we could not allow this album to be overlooked, so in May it is coming. Death Metal that is fast, furious and intense. Reminds us a bit of Hate Eternal.
  • MACABRE will re-release their legendary "GLOOM" re-mastered and with exclusive bonus songs during this Summer. This is what we all have been waiting for. Check them out at Dynamo!
  • MONSTROSITY will stay with us in Europe and in August we will present you a double-CD called "ENSLAVING THE MASSES" which will feature a live-CD and a CD with obscure tracks from demos, 7"'s etc. Value for money, and 100% Death Metal!
  • MORIFADE have made it happen. Power Metal on Hammerheart Records. They will record during this Summer under the watching eye of Andy LaRoque.
  • PRIMORDIAL re-releases "IMRAMA" and "A JOURNEY'S END" with original design and re-mastered. After the immense success of "Spirit the Earth Aflame" we felt it was time to justify these older albums. New album in Autumn 2001!
  • REBAELLIUN will once and for all prove their position as top Death Metal act with the upcoming "ANNIHILATION" album. Recorded by Andy Classen in Stage One Studio (Krisiun, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter) and simply justifying the album-title in full. Those lead guitars... aaaarrrghh!
  • SATARIEL is ready to record and have chosen Daniel Bergstrand as producer in Studio Underground (this combination brought us Darkane's "RUSTED ANGEL" before!!!).
  • SEVERE TORTURE goes USA! In April they will cross the "big water" and show those Americans that Dutch Death Metal simply rules. Enough said.
  • SINISTER will prepare themselves after they come back from the April-tour to finally record "CREATIVE KILLINGS" and we feel it can only be a highlight!
  • SUNSETH SPHERE is a new act from Hungary that recorded an album in their home-country. The album was excellent, thus we decided to re-mix and re-master it at RS-29 (a.o. Aeyreon, Within Temptation). The style is very melodic, atmospheric Metal with female vocals.
  • THRONEAEON has finished the album "NEITHER OF GODS". Swedish Death Metal with a touch of US Death Metal, very well executed and recorded in Studio Underground to make sure the sound is brilliant!

    E-mail: promo@hammerheart.com, WWW: www.hammerheart.com

  • MÖRK GRYNING has returned! Until this day, MÖRK GRYNING has always had a low-priority status, due to the member's obligations to other bands. Times have changed though and to the forthcoming album "MAELSTROM CHAOS", they have decided to give MÖRK GRYNING full priority and turn the project into a band. Musically the new album has a rather melodic touch, more similar to that of the debut "Tusen ar har gatt…" then of the second, "Return fire". The songs should however be described as more symphonic and worked through and titles such as "Templars", "The darkness within", "Dödens skald" (the scald of death) and "The menace" should wipe out any doubt anyone might have towards MÖRK GRYNING and their creativity, due to the long wait (3 years) since the latest release, "Return fire". A new fresh element into the band is the new lead guitarist Avatar. His virtuous playing has brought MÖRK GRYNING a higher level of skill, quite unique for Black Metal bands. The album is scheduled to be released in late spring on No Fashion Records. Watch out and BEWARE!!!!!!! gothgorgon@hotmail.com
    Info:indeedhell@seznam.cz, nuclear.storm@post.cz, WWW http://nuclear.dynamix.cz
  • Polish Death/grind brutallers DAMNABLE have a new e-mail address: damnableandy@wp.pl. They ask to stop sending e-mails to the old address and to use the new one. Expect a brand new CD this year (on Cudgel Agency)
  • Belgium's Death Metal pride ABORTED are in the studio right now to finish their new album "ENGINEERING THE DEAD", which will be released through LISTENABLE RECORDS in early May this year.
  • DYING FETUS bassist/vocalist Jason Netherton has left the band due to numerous personal reasons - replacements are bassist Derek Boyer (Deprecated) and vocalist Vince Matthews (Sadistic Torment, Autumn Dawn, Mucous Membrane).
  • SATHANAS are set to release a new MCD "CRUENTUS DIABOLOS" through PULVERIZED RECORDS.
  • CALLENISH CIRCLE wants to tell you that The Norwegian label EDGERUNNER RECORDS will release their 2nd full-length album "GRACEFUL YET FORBIDDING" exclusively in Europe. The album is completely re-mastered at Franky's Recording Kitchen by Bertus Westerhuis (a.o. God Dethroned, Severe Torture, Altar). The European release features 4 bonus-tracks (the complete "ESCAPE" MCD) and it has a playing-time of almost 70 minutes now. Besides the artwork is restyled by Gavin. EDGERUNNER REC. is planning a complete new promo-campaign with promo-CD's, advertisements and interviews in all important European magazines. For more information, promotion and distribution contact:
    EDGERUNNER RECORDS; P.O. Box 1215; 0367 Oslo; Norway;
    E-mail: mail@edgerunner-rec.com, WWW: www.edgerunner-rec.com
    Furthermore the band will enter the famous Stage-One Studio in Germany at the end of April to record 3rd full-length album in 3 weeks there with well-known producer Andy Classen (a.o. Rotting Christ, Krisiun & Die Apokalyptischen Reiter). New material is going to be more straight forward and aggressive but it still features the typical Callenish Circle trademarks, known from the previous releases. So expect the ultimate Thrash Attack!!! Besides the band's going to record 2 very special cover-tracks (one even from a non-metal act, which will definitely surprise you all). After the release of the new album (late 2001) C.C. are planning to get on a European support-tour. Callenish Circle is still looking for serious record-labels to license "GRACEFUL YET FORBIDDING" in South East Asia/Japan and North/South America exclusively. For more information get in contact as they own all the legal rights and artwork for the album. Besides all recordings are digitally re-mastered and they have plenty bonus-tracks available for your release.
    Callenish Circle; c/o Patrick Savelkoul; P.O. Box 21; 6120 AA Born (L); The Netherlands; E-mail:info@callenish-circle.com, WWW: www.callenish-circle.com
  • 6-way "Pure Grinding Porno Splatter Gore" split (MC, 90 min.) with DEMONIC ORGY/INFECTED PUSSY/ANAL BIRTH/DYSMENORRHEIC HEMORAGE/UTERUS/KEVIN EVANACHKO is out! Available for: France: 30FRFS port compris (cheque sans ordre), Europe: 5$ ppd (cash only and well hidden). Address:
    Necrophil, 18 Rue de la Presse, 78500 Sartrouville, France, e-mail:Infpus@aol.com
  • APRIL ETHEREAL signed to the UK record label CONQUER RECORDS for releasing "ADVENT" on CD and MC. The album will be out on the 25th of APRIL 2001.
  • NOMAD have just started rehearsing with their new drummer, Domin (known also from young SOUL DEVOURER). The band is concentrated on old tracks, but you can be sure that new stuff will crush in the same way as their debut CD "THE DEVILISH WHIRL" did. If you are interested in a cassette edition of their debut LP, don't hestitate to contact us in a few weeks
  • ETHELYN(ethelyn@kki.net.pl) has a new well-skilled bassist, Les. The band is preparing new songs on brand new material that will be recorded this year. It will be much more better then their sensational debut "SOULEROSION" out on DAGDY MUSIC
  • Great thrashy HORRORSCOPE has just recorded new material entitled "PICTURES OF PAIN". Don't forget to ask Lech (guitar) about publisher, music etc.: scope.lech@idea.net.pl. Note also his new address: Lech, 40-136 Katowice, S³oneczna 69/59, tel. 0501-430216
  • CICATRIX is still looking for a label. Their killing stuff "EVISCERATED" can surprise lots of brutal death metal maniax. Contact address: Jan Brodowski, Kaniowczyków 18/5, 24-100 Pu³awy, Poland (http://cicatrix.masterful.art.pl/)
  • On 29.09.2000 APRIL ETHEREAL (jrk@interia.pl) has finished recording a 3-track promo CD anouncing the coming of "ADEVNT". This 11 minute MCD features the chapters 1, 4 and 6 from "ADVENT". The interesting fact about this release is that the vocal parts on it are in Polish, whereas the vocals on the "ADVENT" release will be in English. Maybe those songs will soon be available in MP3 format on this page.
    The band started the cooperation with "Metal Shop" from Kraków. The cooperation will consist in selling "ADVENT" in the shop and in promoting it. APRIL ETHEREAL will put the "Metal Shop" logo on the CD and the flyers
  • French SHOCK WAVE REC. has out very good CD of native DISGUST. The album is entitled "IN AETERNUM...", it was engineered by Stephane Buriez of the mighty LOUDBLAST, so you can be sure it's well played and recorded brutal death metal. Fans of MALEVOLENT CREATION and CANNIBAL CORPSE will be very content!
  • New album of APOPLEXY "LIFE, THOUGHTS & DESTINY" is out! It contains brutal death metal, of course and it's better and more various then their debut "INFECTION". Fresh blood is Joanny (guitar) who replaced Dominique
  • Slovakian butalists of NOMENMORTIS have just signed with Japanese JACKHAMMER MUSIC (responsinble also for publishing Polish PARRICIDE's debut CD - "CRUDE") for releasing "HOW I LEARN TO BLEED...". Our congratulations for both band and label!
  • Swierszcz of YATTERING reports on brand new super-group where you can find also: China (VADER) Szymon (PROPHECY) and Wojtek (KOBONG)! That sick project is called NYIA. Info: YATTERING, P.O. Box 666, 80-958 Gdansk 50, Poland (http://yattering.iq.pl)
  • AMPUTATION MAGAZINE #6 is released! 40 English-written A4 pages, professional lay-out made by Headache Creations, pro-printing. Interviews with: Immolation, Immersed In Blood, Hate Eternal, Regurgitate, Fleshcrawl, Pandemia, Nomicon, Hypnos, Origin, over 140 demo & CD reviews, price: 30 Sek (Sweden), 5US$ (rest of the world). Expect #7 very soon!
    Micke Skala, Hagerstensvagen 161b, Hagersten, 126 53 Stockholm, SWEDEN, e-mail: Amputation666@hotmail.com, tel: ++46/8/549 00 590
  • OSKOREI MAGAZINE needs bands for the compilation CD to be included in its 6th issue scheduled for a release around April/May 2001. All kinds of extreme music is accepted and wanted. The issue will be printed in 2,500 copies and spread world-wide through their massive distribution network. The price for this feature is US$35 per minute, minimum 03:00 per contracted participant. The band/label keeps all the rights to the featured song(s) and each contracted participant will get 5 copies of the magazine w/CD.
    OSKOREI MAGAZINE - PB 640 Sentrum - 5807 Bergen - Norway; WWW www.oskorei.com, mail@oskorei.com, tel: +47 55 95 31 25 [17.00-23.00 cet]
  • The 4th issue of MASTERFUL maga'zine is out. Interviews with: UNLEASHED, MORBID ANGEL, DIABOLIC, DARK FNERAL, BEHEMOTH, YATTERING, 7TH CHILD, GUIDANCE OF SIN, MURDER CORPORATION, DECAPITATED, ATROPOS, ALIENATION MENTAL, COCK NAD BALL TORTURE, ORTANK, FABULOUS, DICHOTIC, MYOPIA, LIMITS OF NESCIENT. Besides: 150 reviews, tour and live reports (Obscene, Brutal Assault), computer lay-out, A5 format, 60 pages. Contact addresses: Andrzej Papiez; Czartoryskich 23/2; 24-100 Pulawy; Poland, info: masterful_mag@go2.pl and Michal Kowalski; Jesienna 1/49; 20-337 Lublin; Poland info: buzii@poczta.wp.pl
  • Jaszak known from his activity in "SADISTIC hatezine" and "MORBID NOIZZ mag." has just published (with some other sickos) the brilliant "WOLFPACK #100" being a kind of "a tribute to retro-bands" he,he. Next issue is going to be written in English!

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